Hindu Mahasabha is a Valentine's day spoilsport, says Digvijay Singh

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New Delhi, Feb 14: Congress leader Digvijay Singh extended Valentine Day wishes to everyone and said that these wishes are more for those people who love to abuse him. He also tooka jibe at the Hindu Mahasabha and other fringe elements and took it to twiiter to say:

"Happy Valentine's Day to all. More to all those who love abusing me! Damn all the spoil sports like Hindu Maha Sabha and other fringe elements," he tweeted.

Hindu Mahasabha is a Valentine's day spoilsport, says Digvijay Singh.

To deter youth from practising the "western tradition", the right wing organisation has chalked out a nation-wide strategy as part of which couples displaying affection in public could be married off.

We have prepared teams of youths who will be paying visits to malls, parks, historical monuments and other places frequented by young couples on Valentine's Day in major towns and cities in the country," President of Hindu Mahasabha Chandra Prakash Kaushik .

The young couples celebrating the western culture by carrying roses and greeting cards will be explained that the tradition they are so ardently following is flawed, he said.

Stressing that love is not something that needs to be celebrated on one particular day, he said, "In our country, all the 365 days in the year are meant for love, but it should not be displayed on the streets and in parks."

"By demonstrating affection at public places, they are degrading their love and taking forward the western traditions which do not suit our culture and tradition," he insisted.

While youth in Delhi are celebrating love with red roses and colourful gifts on Valentine's Day Feb 14, a right-wing outfit has decided to prevent 'Love Jihad' in the national capital.

Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha has claimed that it will target mainly Muslim and Christian whom they suspect could go out on a date with Hindu girls as it is nothing but 'Love Jihad'. To prevent any such plans the outfit is taking support of Delhi's electoral list to identify Muslim and Christian boys and stop them from celebrating Valentine's Day with Hindu girls.

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