Heights of sycophancy on display at TN Budget session

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Jaya and her circle of Sycophants
Chennai, Feb 13: Not many politicians in India can beat AIADMK workers in sycophancy. The party workers and minister treat the chief minister Jayalalithaa, popularly known as 'Amma', as god-equivalent. The workers, even party veterans, routinely fall flat before her to pay their respects. 

Once when media questioned this behaviour of AIADMK workers, Jayalalithaa defended herself, saying that the workers do that voluntarily. But its well evident that she enjoys these acts and encourages her sycophants.

The workers, even party veterans, routinely fall flat before Jaya to pay respect


On Wednesday, when the state finance minister O Panneerselvam walked to the Assembly hall with the budget papers, what stood out was his unabashed display of sycophancy. He was politely walking behind the chief minister Jayalalithaa and note, he wasn't even wearing slippers. 

Panneerselvam's devotion to Jaya is well known. Reportedly, he always keeps a photograph of Jayalalithaa in the front pocket of his transparent white shirt to display his 'loyalty'. Every year, before presenting state budget, he seeks blessings from Jaya and even prostrates himself before her in full public view. In 2012, he began his Budget speech by singing praises to Jayalalithaa's visionary leadership. (Read more)

Panneerselvam has got his rewards for being the most loyal follower of Jaya. In 2001, when Jaya had to serve a breif jail term, Panneerselvam was made chief minister. He was then accused of heading a 'puppet government', originally handled by Jayalalithaa. 

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