Has Dawood Ibrahim become a liability for Pakistan?

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New Delhi, Nov 1: The don is ailing and wants to return, but the big question is how. Dawood Ibrahim who is holed up in Pakistan has indicated to his men that he wishes to be buried in India.

Going by reports not all is well in the D camp and there is an indication that with his utility coming down, there is a chance of him being eliminated in Pakistan as they now consider him a liability.

Dawood Ibrahim a liability for Pakistan?

Dawood Ibrahim who runs several businesses has been hit hard off late. Recently following a request by the Indian government, UAE liquidated properties worth Rs 15,000 crore run by Dawood's benamis.

In addition to this there has been a massive crack down on the border by the Indian agencies as a result of which the drug mafia run by Dawood has suffered.

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Dawood continues to be a talking point for India with Pakistan. India has provided ample proof about Dawood's presence in Pakistan, but this has been denied repeatedly.

Pakistan continued to shield Dawood Ibrahim as he was an asset to them. He had to cough up 40 per cent of his income to the ISI in exchange for protection.

However today with his health failing and business fading he appears to be more of a liability to the ISI. Indian officials say that the ISI is known to kill of their liabilities. If his utility is up, then there is no way that the ISI will continue to shield him.

If Dawood wants to return to India, he will have to come and face trial and he cannot set pre-conditions, the officer also added.

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