Hafiz Saeed's house arrest could spin the Lashkar out of control

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New Delhi, Jan 31: Indian Intelligence Bureau officials have warned of a possible strike in the wake of Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Saeed being placed under house arrest. The LeT may try and trigger a major strike in an Indian city to avenge the detention of their leader.

The Lashkar cadres feel that the house arrest is a result of India's close ties with the United States of America. Saeed himself said, following his arrest, that it was a result of the Modi-Trump friendship. After Saeed was placed under house arrest, officials have been picking up a lot of chatter.

Will Lashkar avenge Saeed's house arrest

When asked if the intelligence was actionable, an officer pointed out that some of them were. There are specific alerts relating to attacks in the poll bound states, the officer notes.

However, the immediate threat is to Jammu and Kashmir. "We suspect that those who have already infiltrated may be directed to trigger off a strike on a large scale," the officer informed. Top officials in the Intelligence Bureau, however, point out that the Inter-Services Intelligence which always approves these attacks may be a lot more guarded this time.

"There is already pressure from the United States to act against the state sponsored actors. Any sign of aggression may be viewed seriously by the US and this may ensure that the ISI is more guarded in its approach," the officer added.

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