Gurugram gang-rape victim travelled in metro to take dead kid to doctor

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New Delhi, June 7: No one should suffer so much physical pain, mental trauma and injustice. Hours after the report of a gang rape of a woman and the murder of her eight-month-old infant from Gurugram came to light on Tuesday, the victim narrated the barbarity she experienced on the evening of May 29.

First, she was raped by three men on a dark and desolate roadside. Afterwards one of the accused threw the baby girl on the road, killing the child instantly. The 19-year-old victim not only suffered immense physical pain as she was gang-raped by three men, but also saw her child dying in front of her.


After the accused left the crime spot at around 2 pm, the victim waited till there was enough light to seek help from someone. Then a man in a nearby factory helped her board an auto to reach her in-laws' place.

The victim and her father-in-law took the injured child to a doctor, who told them that the infant was dead. However, she did not believe the doctor and decided to take a second opinion.

That is when the woman with her dead child in arms and father-in-law by her side travelled in a metro to Tughlakabad in Delhi, where her parents also live. The second doctor also told the woman the same thing that her kid was dead. That is when she decided to approach the police.

According to a report by The Times of India, the victim, a resident of a village near IMT Manesar, took an auto on NH-8 to travel to her in-laws' place located on Khandsa road in Old Gurgaon after she had a quarrel with her immediate neighbour. The woman said that she did not want to spend the night at her house after the fight as her husband was away from home on that day.

The vehicle, a shared one, had two other co-passengers too, along with the driver. But since she was in a hurry she boarded the auto with her infant.

Soon after the journey began, the auto driver took the vehicle to a vacant plot and the three men took turns to rape the 19-year-old woman.

"My family has been shattered," the woman's husband told The Times of India. "I was mourning my daughter when my wife revealed about the gang rape. I want the police to make the arrests quickly."

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