Gurdaspur attack was meant to last a day

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Investigations being conducted into the Gurdaspur attack have been throwing up a lot of revealing details. The terrorists had carried nothing to eat with them and this clearly shows that they had come down for a one day operation, create a ruckus and possibly leave or die.

This was not an attack that had a major planning that went into it, says an officer part of the probe. The terrorists managed to infiltrate, chose the first target, took shelter and fired indiscriminately.

Gurdaspur attack: Probe reveals details

A hit man styled operation:

This possibly was an operation that was planned after the talks between the National Security Advisors of India and Pakistan were fixed. The only major part of the planning involved infiltration, which they managed to do.

They had planned to enter into Punjab as they were aware that an attack in this state would get them more attention when compared to a strike in Jammu and Kashmir which the Indian media covers as a routine affair. They had limited rounds of ammunition and according to investigations each terrorist had 150 rounds of AK-47 ammunition and a few grenades.

Investigations so far reveal that the terrorists were not carrying food with them. They had water bottles and few items to munch on. It is clear that they had enough only for a day. This is a clear indicator that they were not here for a long drawn battle. They would have continued to attack for a day or so and either try to escape or die fighting.

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GPS positions reveal the Pakistan route:

The other crucial bit of evidence that has been found is the positioning of the GPS sets. The start position shows that the terrorist had come in from Shakargarh in Pakistan. They made their way into Hiranagar and then into Dinanagar and Gurdaspur.

This is what the initial analysis of the GPS sets indicate. The GPS sets have been sent for technical analysis in New Delhi. It would take a day or two before the final results of the tests come out.

However the GPS location both the start and the end point would be crucial for the investigation. It does tell the investigators about the origin of the attack. This would be good technical evidence when India takes up the matter with Pakistan, Intelligence Bureau officials also say.

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