Gurdaspur attack aimed at derailing NSA level talks

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Chandigarh, July 27: The Punjab police and the Intelligence Bureau say that the attack at Gurdaspur was aimed at derailing the National Security Advisor level talks to be held between India and Pakistan next month.

The Lashkar-e-Tayiba which is being blamed for the attack had infiltrated into Gurdaspur after first making an entry into Hiranagar in Jammu, sources inform OneIndia.


There are many signs that suggested that the attacks had been carried out by the Pakistan sponsored Lashkar-e-Tayiba. The infiltration that took place through Hiranagar in Jammu is one such pointer and the other is that the terrorists were constantly chanting Islamic verses during the attack.

An attempt to derail NSA level talks:

After the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan met recently it was decided that they would further talks.

It was also decided that the National Security Advisors of both the countries would lay the roadmap for the talks after meeting next month.

Shishir Gupta, author of the book, "The Indian Mujahideen- The enemy within and renowned journalist with the Hindustan Times tells OneIndia that there is no doubt that this is the handiwork of the Lashkar.

They have been attempting at the behest of the ISI and the Pakistan to derail the talks between India and Pakistan. Their concern has been the NSA level talks and attempts have been made to derail the same.

Gupta further states that the ISI attempted to first create a disruption in Kashmir. When they failed they decided to come down to Punjab and carry out an attack in a bid to foil the talks.

The ISI through its proxy, Lashkar-e-Tayiba is attempting to thwart all peace talks. By coming to Punjab they have only tried to widen their ambit.

While on one hand the Indian and Pakistan Prime Ministers are attempting to talk peace on the other the ISI and the Paksitan army is trying to disrupt it. The big question is how much is the Pakistan Prime Minister able to control his army and jihadis, Shishir Gupta, questions.

Widening the ambit:

The Gurdaspur attack clearly shows that the Lashkar is ready to go that extra mile in a bid to widen its ambit. It realizes that striking at Kashmir was not sufficient and hence decided to come further down in a bid to send across a message.

The ISI and the Pakistan army is in a desperate situation as of now. They are attempting newer tactics to ensure that they are heard and the Gurdaspur attack is just one step in that direction.

The Gurdsaspur attacks clearly shows that the intention was only to send across a message to India. There was never any demand that was made by the terrorists. These were clearly suicide attackers who had only come with an intention to create havoc and prove a point.

At first it appeared as though the militants were attempting to enact a hostage crisis and make a demand. However all through the operation none of the terrorists made any contact and there were no demands made.

This clearly sends a signal that the terrorists were not interested in making any demand but were only putting up a show of strength with a warning to India to call of the NSA level talks.

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