Gujarat: Coolers, sprinklers installed at zoo for animals to beat the heat

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Ahmedabad, May20: As the state reels under extreme heat where the temperatures reach to a minimum of 40 degrees, it is indeed difficult for a human to come out the house during the day. What about the animals who are kept in the zoo where many of the animals do suffer from the heat.

Taking this as a concern of matter, the zoo authorities have installed coolers in front of the cages where the animals are kept for the visitors to watch. Reports said that the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Zoo authorities had asked the workers to sprinkle water on the animals during the morning hours and kept inside the cages where the coolers are installed for relief from the heat to the animals.

Based on the animal type the sprinklers and coolers were installed as to make the animals comfortable in their cages.

It is not the first time that animals were treated in this way.

Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad on April 14, 2017 had installed air-coolers along with supplying special diet to all the animals.

It is usual in Hyderabad that the temperature reaches a minimum of 41 degrees, it is difficult for both the humans and animals to survive. To give respite to animals from heat, around 45 air-coolers, several sprinklers and foggers were installed beside filling moats with water.

NZP, which spread across 380 acres have 1,500 animals and 700 birds of 161 species. The authorities have also supplied special diet to animals to enhance their immunity levels to fight against the extreme heat.

Supply of drinking water, fruits and vegetables was increased to keep the animals hydrated and healthy. Red meat to the carnivorous animals was supplied less during summer.

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