Govt will do everything to protect CBI's autonomy: PM

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Govt will do everything to protect CBI's autonomy: PM
New Delhi, Nov 11: Government will everything possible to protect the autonomy of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), said prime minister Manmohan Singh at CBI's three-day international conference on "evolving common strategies to combat corruption and crime".

"Recently, the legitimacy of CBI has been questioned. Our government is taking this matter very seriously and promptly. The highest court of the land will also need to play its role", said PM.

"To keep pace with people's aspirations for clean governance, we have taken several steps.
We have a framework in place to curb corruption and increase accountability. In the public debate on corruption, it is forgotten that economic growth provides greater opportunity for corruption", he said.

The Gauhati High Court had said on Wednesday that the CBI could not be treated as a police force and it could only conduct only "inquiries". This meant CBI stood to lose its power to probe, file FIRs or First Information Reports, arrest suspects and file charge-sheets.
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