Another Gandhi speaks of 'ahimsa' in a letter to Narendra Modi

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Gopalkrishna Gandhi
New Delhi, May 19: Now that the Modi government is close-to-be-in-place, word of advises and contentions are flooding in from different quarters of the political circuit. But this one, in an open letter to Narendra Modi, come from a political figure who is known for his spotless image and dedication to Indian politics-Sri Gopalkrishna Gandhi.

It is clear that he is not very happy about Modi's election as the Prime Minister, but is in no way demeaning. The language is fluid and elite and there are no traces of disrespect for the Prime Minister-designate. However, he is doing his duty as a responsible IAS officer, reminding him of the inked-past that include the darkest chapters of mankind, which could have been avoided.

In remembrance of the great figures in the Indian political history, Gandhi reminds Modi of the responsibilities that he has, something that should not be influenced by the past allegations.

He said,"in invoking unity and stability, you have regularly turned to the name and stature of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The Sardar, as you would know, chaired the Constituent Assembly's Committee on Minorities. If the Constitution of India gives crucial guarantees - educational, cultural and religious - to India's minorities, Sardar Patel has to be thanked, as do other members of that committee, in particular Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, the Christian daughter of Sikh Kapurthala. Adopt, in toto, Mr. Modi, not adapt or modify, dilute or tinker with, the vision of the Constitution on the minorities. You may like to read what the indomitable Sardar said in that committee."

Gandi's vague indications to incidents and instances can clearly be deciphered, but he puts them in a lucid manner, posing questions to himself and answering them also. For instance, he asks,"Narendra Modi the country's best guardian - desh ka rakhvala - or is he not?". To which he answers himself, "The BJP has won the seats it has because you captured the imagination of 31 per cent of our people (your vote share) as the nation's best guardian, in fact, as its saviour. It has also to be noted that 69 per cent of the voters did not see you as their rakhvala. They also disagreed on what, actually, constitutes our desh. And this - the concept of desh - is where, Mr. Modi, the Constitution of India, upon the authority of which you are entering the office of Prime Minister, matters. I urge you to revisit the idea of desh."

Gandhi has not restricted himself to advising the Modi cadre, but has also suggested what it should do to assure people that they are in safe hands, to show how a diverse society can be inclusive too. [Read full letter]

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