Exit Poll 2017: BJP will win big in Uttarakhand but lose in Punjab, predicts NewsX-MRC

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NewsX-MRC predicts big win for BJP in Uttarakhand

The predictions for Punjab may not be as expected for the BJP but NewsX-MRC's predictions for Uttarakhand will put a smile on the party's face. Predictions indicate that the BJP will win a comfortable 38 seats out of the total 70 seats in Uttarakhand assembly elections.

The incumbent Congress government is expected to win 30 seats while prediction for others stands at 2 seats. It may be recalled that the Congress had won just one seat more than the BJP in the 2012 assembly elections.

BJP will be single largest party, predicts NewsX-MRC

The NewsX-MRC exit polls predicted a win for the BJP in Goa but not with a majority that it would need to form the government. The exit poll predicted a win in 15 seats for the BJP while it said that the Congress would win 15 seats. Debutant Aam Aadmi party is predicted to get 7 seats while BJP ally MAG is predicted to win 2 seats.

BJP will be single largest party Goa

Goa Exit Poll 2017 - 40 Seats / 21 to win
 C-VoterMRC-NewsXIndia Today-My Axis IndiaIndia News-MRC
BJP15 to 211518 to 2215
Congress12 to 181009 to1310
AAP00 to 040700 to 0207
Others02 to 080004 to 0908

The exit poll predicted that other parties including independent candidates are expected to win about 6 seats with vote share larger than the MAG. While BJP will hold the largest vote share, it may fall short of number to form the government according to the numbers presented by MRC.

NewsX-MRC predicts a tie between AAP and Congress in Punjab

The fight is truly between the Aam Aadmi party and the Congress in Punjab with NewsX-MRC exit poll predicting a tie between the two parties in Punjab.

The poll predicted 55 seats each to Congress and AAP in Punjab. The incumbent BJP-SAD coalition is predicted to get only about 7 seats while no other parties or independents are expected to win any seats.

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