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New Delhi, June 5: In an attempt to discourage people who defecate in the open and encourage them to use public toilets more often, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation(AMC) has come up with an innovative plan.

Taking cue from Nepal, the State corporation has decided to award people for using public toilets who till now had to cough up money(50 paise to Rs 1) for using it. In a first of its kind in the country, all such people will be given Rs 1.

Pee here and get Rs 1

The AMC has even decided to advertise for the same.

"The whole motive of the scheme is to popularize the public toilet. We plan to generate revenue through advertising," said a senior AMC official to Times of India.

Reportedly, initially the idea will be implemented in 67 nuisance spots and later on it will be replicated in the whole city. Whole idea was given final touch in a meeting of the standing committee of the AMC on Thursday.

Speaking on the issue, Pravin Patel who is a chairman of the committee said "We are going to implement this project because people near 67 pay and use toilets are found defecating in the open. Some even defecate on footpaths and pose a major public health risk".

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