Former NaMo, now Yuva Brigade have no links to Sangh Parivar: RSS office bearer

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Mangaluru, Apr 3: Assassination of RTI activist Vinayak Baliga and subsequent developments that mainly include, police considering a top leader of Yuva Brigade Naresh Shenoy as a key suspect has posed several questions on the organisation Yuva Brigade, which formerly known as NaMo Brigade and its links to the RSS.

It has to be recalled that NaMo Brigade was floated by Naresh Shenoy, a stanch worker of the RSS during 2014 general elections to galvanize support for Narendra Modi lead BJP. The name of the organisation NaMo is a name carved out from the big name Narendra Modi.


NaMo Brigade started by Shenoy had earlier roped in prominent Hindu leader Chakravarty Sulibele to deliver fire brand speeches in the programs organised by NaMo Brigade. After Narendra Modi took oath, the organisation was renamed as Yuva Brigade making Chakravarty Sulibele as the mentor of the organisation.

A RSS office bearer speaking to OneIndia under the condition of anonymity said former NaMo brigade and current the Yuva Brigade have no links to the RSS. Yuva Brigade is an independent organisation and RSS does not have control over the functioning of the organisation. When asked is Naresh Shenoy a member of the RSS, the office bearer said there is no 'membership' as such in the RSS and he was a worker of the RSS.

"Those who are impressed by the RSS ideology and those who are interested to join the RSS come to the Parivar fold and there is no formal registration of membership in the RSS," he clarified. The office bearer said Naresh Shenoy had no role in a magazine, Aseema on being asked did Shenoy held any post in the Aseema magazine. Aseema is a RSS mouth piece published from Mangaluru.

For a specific question on has Sangh Parivar played a major role in hauling Naresh Shenoy as convener of the Citizen Council (forum in Mangaluru), office bearer said RSS has no role in that also. However he said cadre of the RSS take part in the programs convened by the Citizen Council.

But the office bearer did not wish to comment on suspected involvement of Shenoy in the case. "I am a common man, you have to ask these questions to the police," he concluded.

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