For these youth any terror group was fine

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New Delhi, Dec 28: It appears that there was a sense of desperation to prove a point and this has been revealed in the investigations that are being conducted following the arrest of three Hyderabad based cousins.

Abdul Basith, Syed Omar and Maaz Hussain who were arrested last week in Nagpur for allegedly trying to join a terrorist outfit had even stolen money in a bid to reach their destination.


The other interesting point that has emerged during the probe is that these youth had no idea which group they wanted to join. While it was stated at first that they were heading to join the ISIS, their questioning revealed another picture all together.

Any terror group is fine:

As per the investigations, the youth are said to have told the police that they were undecided on which group to join.

Any terror group was fine for them is what they have indicated. It could be the al-Qaeda or the ISIS, they had said.

The police say that it is still unclear what drove them into leaving their homes and attempting to join the ISIS.

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