Floods in Assam 'nothing new', says VK Singh

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Floods in Assam 'nothing new', says VK Singh
Guwahati, Aug 22: Union minister for Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) Vijay Kumar Singh today said floods in Assam is "nothing new".

"Flood condition is nothing new to Assam. I have been dealing with floods in Assam since 1970 onwards," Singh said at a press conference here. On his ministry's role in finding a way to handle this perennial problem, Singh said "DoNER has got no role in flood control. It is a job of Ministry of Water Resources. DoNER funds are not enough even to contribute to type of things that the state require.

"I can be initiator. I can be catalyst. I can assist. I can suggest. I can push. But if you are thinking that the DoNER is going to do flood control, I am sorry that is not done. We have to go to the charters," the Union minister said. He said DoNER's role is to carry forward development work in the field of infrastructure, education, health sector, employment and skills among others.

When pointed out that the flood creates huge challenge and destroys a lot of developmental works, Singh said "It is not being stopped but flood causes a damage to life and property. So lets separate it out. Lets not get just stuck on floods... Flood is not just development.

Flood is only a part of the issue." He said silting of Brahmaputra is a big problem and nobody gave a serious thought on this over the years. Singh also said he will recommend the Water Resources Ministry to conduct an in-depth study on Brahmaputra considering various aspect. 


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