Fish falling from the sky? It is just a scientific phenomena

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Andhra Pradesh, June 27: Just a few days ago, a strange incident was reported from Andhra Pradesh when fish were falling from the sky. Eyewitnesses said that several hundreds of them could be seen strewn across the agricultural fields. Villagers, believed it to be an act of God, but were later explained that it could be a natural phenomena.


Here's explaining what 'Waterspout' is. A tornado-like phenomena on the sea or any water body that carries with it acquatic animals and a lot of other things too. Althoug the phenomena is yet to researched thoroughly, this could be a possible reason why there have been instances of falling tomatoes, frogs lumps of coal, water birds and worms.

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In this process, very strong winds heading in the upward direction reach up to the speed of 321 km/h and swallow aquatic animals into the wind funnel. Once the force reduces, it starts dropping things from its funnel.

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