First test tube child was Dronacharya: K'taka school science text book has baffling content

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Bengaluru, Nov 26: Guess where, according to Class 5 textbook in Karnataka government schools, the first test tube baby was born? India ! 

Errors in K'taka school text books

It is in Class 5 science text book this 'objectionable information' was found, says a News Minute report. It doesn't end here. The text book says according to an article published in Chikitsa, an Indian Ayurvedic magazine, the first test tube babies were created in India 7,500 years agoand the first person to be born that way is Dronacharya, who was born to a sage named Bharadwaja in Dehradun !

These are just some of the objectionable materials in Karnataka school text books, say groups working with education and against "saffronization" of education who have pointed out many more such instances.

"Drona implies that he was gestated in a droon (earthen pot). The story of Drona's birth is recounted in Mahabharatha, Book I: Adi Parva, Sambhava Parva, Section CXXXI. When, one day, Bharadwaja went to the Ganges for a bath, he saw a beautiful apsara named Ghrithachi. He was overcome by desire, causing him to ejaculate. Bharadwaja captured the fluid in an earthen pot (drona), from which Drona was born and got his name", this is how the text book explains it !

The same text book also says that the Kannada word for particle - KaNa - is derived from the name of Maharshi KaNada, who hails from Gujarat !

On Indus Valley civilisation

According to the All India Save Education Committee (AISEC) and the Committee for Resisting Saffronization of Textbooks, Karnataka (CRST), there are many similar content in many textbooks o different classes.

The history section of the Social Science textbook for Class 5 says that the Indus Valley civilization is also called as the "Sindhu-Saraswati civilization" as many of ruins of the civilization lies close to the Saraswati river, whose existence itself is debated.

The Newsminute quotes V N Rajshekar of the AISEC who says that according to many historians, Saraswati river never existed at all.  

"The existence of the Saraswati river is a matter of debate for the universities and archaelogists. School books should only contain scientific, proven facts which have been objectively discovered," Rajshekar says, according to News Minute.

The text books of Classes 7 and 10 for the year 2014 too are not free from this kind of errors.

The makers of the text books have made an effort to bash Western historians as well. According to the CRST report, in the Folk History chapter in the Social Science book (English medium) for Class 10 students the history written by Indians is the only correct one and that written by the British was one with an 'agenda'.

Our history, their history

The text book hails Indian system of time which is called 'Kalachakra'. "Indian system views time in a cyclic manner. This is also called Kalachakra. There is no end in sight for kalachakra. After one rotation of this chakra is completed, the second one starts. The completion of one cycle is called yuga. In this way, history is narrated as tretayuga, dwaparayuga etc. In such circumstances, many new incidents and events or avatars may merge. They undergo change from time to time", says the text book, according to News Minute report.

However, the CRST argues that if the western method of writing history was biased, calling the Kalachakra system an "Indian" method was a "one-sided" approach, says the report.

Also, the text books slam Christianity and Islam, citing incidents from history. The text books have chapters titled ‘Crusades', ‘Immoral Behavior of Catholic Church', ‘Invasions of Muslims' and so on.

Also, the books do not speak in detail about social evils like caste system and the practice of untouchability.

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