Trump criticises Obama for focusing more on climate

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Washington, Dec 3: Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has criticised US President Barack Obama for focusing on climate change rather than fighting the Islamic State as he praised Russia for launching air strikes on the dreaded outfit in Syria.

"We got to fight ISIS. And I love that Russia dropping bombs all over ISIS," Trump said at an election rally in Mansasa, Virginia on the outskirts of Washington DC.

Donald Trump

"ISIS or the Islamic State, which has now gained control over large parts of Iraq and Syria is the main threat to the United States and the world today and not climate change or global warming as being said by the US President Barack Obama," he said.

"Let him (Russian President Vladimir Putin) bomb, let him bomb (ISIS)," Trump said. "He (Obama) is more worried about global warming. He believes that our single biggest problem is global warming. We haven't seen anything like this (ISIS brutality) since medieval times.

They are chopping up heads. This is a vicious group of animals. We got to stop them," Trump said. "We have a president we does not even know who to fight," Trump said as he lashed out at the US President Barack Obama.

During his speech followed by a question and answers session, Trump devoted considerable part on foreign policy issues. Trump criticised Obama for his policy on China, with which the US has a massive trade imbalance amounting USD 450 billion per annum.

Now leading all national polls, the New York-based real estate magnate said if elected as the President of the country, he would bring back jobs from countries like China, Japan, Vietnam and Mexico.

Responding to another question, Trump said he would soon be visiting Israel and meet his good old friend Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister.

"I love Israel. And Israel is our real strong supporter. Very soon I am going to Israel and meeting with Bibi Netanyahu," he said. "He is a great guy. He works hard. He has absolutely no support from President Obama. I am very very pro-Israel," the Republican presidential candidate said.


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