Farmer suicide: Was Jantar Mantar chosen for the rally to make use of the trees?

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New Delhi, April 23: A lot of questions are being asked in connection to the death of Gajendra Singh, a farmer from Dausa in Rajasthan, who committed suicide by hanging from a tree during an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) rally at Jantar Mantar here on Wednesday. [A political stunt gone wrong?]

Did the AAP deliberately choose the Jantar Mantar to stage the rally, knowing very well that it will create problems for the law-keepers to control a big crowd? The Jantar Mantar has a capacity to accommodate just 5,000 people while intelligence inputs had said that the rally would see nearly 20,000 people. [AAP refused to cooperate, says Delhi Police in FIR]


Why didn't the AAP leadership opt for a bigger Ram Lila Maidan for the rally? Were trees important in the AAP's scheme of things and hence Jantar Mantar was the more obvious choice?

Was the AAP leadership fully aware about Gajendra Singh's presence on the trees at Jantar Mantar for sources said a top AAP leader had contact with the ill-fated farmer? Was the man, who was known for his love for limelight, asked to stage a drama on the trees to add to the AAP's efforts to make the protest rally look more intense?

The short venue and the trees certainly made it more challenging for the police to manage things with perfection and if one person had escaped the law-keepers' glare to do something bizarre, it would have opened a perfect opportunity to hold them responsible for the tragedy and settle some old equations of enmity.

The script might have gone horribly wrong from midway, bringing the entire burden of accountability on the AAP's back.

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