Family's request to meet Chhota Rajan turned down

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New Delhi, Nov 12: The Central Bureau of Investigation is taking no chances where the security of Chhota Rajan is concerned. A plea by the family members to serve him home cooked food has been turned out owing to security reasons.

Rajan who is housed in the highly guarded ground floor of the CBI headquarters is being questioned for 5 hours everyday.

Family not allowed to meet Rajan

Officials say that while there is no problem in allowing home food as the rules do permit the same, they still do not want to take any chances with his security. His enemies could plant a mole to eliminate him. At the moment no one is allowed to meet him barring the CBI officials.

No home food for Rajan

Rajan who has developed a taste for Western food is being served the same as per his request. His family members made a plea to serve him home food but the same was turned down. The family members have also not been given permission to meet him. It is too risky officials have told the family members who are camping in New Delhi.

The CBI says that they cannot afford to take any risks with Rajan's security. Moving him to a jail in Mumbai which was being considered prior to his deportation was also turned down owing to his security, officials say. Officials say that they cannot afford a lapse as his enemies will pounce on the opportunity if the guard is let down even for a moment.

When Rajan was brought down, the CBI did a dummy run and are even said to have used a look alike to confuse his enemies. In addition to this they also keep moving his location in the CBI headquarters regularly.

The CBI is yet to ask Rajan the big questions relating to the activities of the underworld. Investigators want to ensure that he is comfortable before he is made to start talking. This is a routine process in the case of high profile criminals and study has shown that such persons tend to open up only once they are made comfortable.

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