Fake divorce threat turns awry: Delhi HC grants man divorce, citing wife's 'cruelty'

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New Delhi, Feb 22: In a bizarre incident, a woman found the tables turning around her against her wishes. The Delhi High Court granted divorce to a man after he was estranged from his wife. The court states that wife's letter telling him that she wanted a divorce and thta had found another man to marry was an act of cruelty.

Citing that the man may have suffered 'acute mental agony by the letter', the court granted the divorce. The woman, however, said that there was no truth in the letter and was just a way to 'jolt the husband out of complacency'.


The trial court had dissolved the marriage after the hearing. And hailing the decision was Justice Waziri who said,"For a husband living away from his wife since 1987, to have received a letter from her intimating him about her unequivocal decision to dissolve the marriage and marry another man would have been a pain as grievous as any to endure. Such an element of rejection, coupled with brunt of emotional infidelity by the wife, can break the spirit of the husband to continue marital ties."

However, the wife called the incident a stray one and not enough to file for a divorce. She said that it was an act of desperation as she wanted to live with her husband for several years.

She also said that the friend she mentioned in the letter never existed and that she had no intentions of a second marriage.

However, appearing for her husband, advocate Manjit Singh Ahluwalia said,"she did think of divorce as she drew up an affidavit to finalise her legal plan."

In fact, the letter was written in 1990 and the divorce was granted after 5 years. And during this period, she never tried to explain her husband why she wrote the letter.

The High Court said that such a letter can only evoke pain, distress, rejection and self-doubt in any reasonable husband. Hence, he termed it as a 'telling testimony of cruelty'

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