FB's valentine gift: 56 gender options as new profile feature

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New Delhi, Feb 14: Facebook 'proposes' what SC of India disposed. Transgender, bisexuals and homosexuals have a reason to believe in their existence once again. While the Supreme Court has already stubbed the existence of the 'other' sex in India, Facebook celebrates it by providing 56 new gender options as a new profile feature.

That's not all. It now has three preferred pronoun choices: Him, Her or Them. In an announcement of Thursday, the basic user profile for users now has a customizable category among the gender type that the users must select. The feature was first rolled out to users with their language settings as US English.

Moreover, the users who are not comfortable sharing their gender can now control their profile views or visits. Interestingly, Google has come up with the selection of identities after consulting a leading group of gay and transgender advocacy organizations.

Simultaneously, changes have also been made in the FB profile according to the gender selection. Currently, Facebook targets ads depending on the pronoun they select for themselves. Unlike, the "married" or "engaged" options, changing gender is not registered as a "life event" on the site and are not posted on timeline. Hence, FB has asked advertisers not to target those who declare themselves as transgender. In fact, users can also select "neither" or "other" and can separately indicate whether they prefer being addressed as "he" "she" or "they".

"We want you to feel comfortable being your true, authentic self," Facebook said. (See gender options here)

Time for the Supreme Court to learn!

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