Exit polls may be the exit gate for the Cong; BJP rules the roost with a small margin

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New Delhi, Oct 16: It was hard to take the tension out of the assembly elections yesterday in both the states. The results had to take a backseat for a change when contesting parties felt that people were unwilling to vote, evident from the empty electoral centers. There were reports of parties going home to home to convince them to vote. There were clashes, true, but there was no audience.

However, things seemed better as time passed and the public finally took to the polling booths. This is when the parties heaved a sigh of relief and focussed on results. With BJP-Shiv Sena and Congress-NCP parting ways, the elections had become more complicated. The votes got divided, reducing the winning margin of the leading party.

The four-pronged fight between BJP, Sena, Congress and NCP ended with BJP taking a lead in all the three analyses by the Chanakya, the ABP-Nielsen and India TV C-voter.

Haryana too saw BJP heading, between INLD, Congress and others. However, it could well be called as a low-margin win as BJP failed tpo have a clear majority than the others. The table shows how.

EXIT POLLTotal seat: 288 Majority Mark: 145
BJP+Congress NCP ShivsenaOthers
Today's Chanakya15127287111
ABP News-Nielsen1443029778
India TV-CVOTER124-13438-4831-4151-6118-30

EXIT POLLTotal seat: 90 Majority Mark: 46
BJPINLD+ Congress Others
Today's Chanakya5223105
ABP News-Nielsen4629105
India TV-CVOTER34-4025-3112-184-16

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