Enough 'Mann ki baat, do kaam ki baat': Akhilesh tells Modi

Written By: Gulam Rabbani
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Jaunpur, March 6: The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Monday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urged him to stop his 'Mann ki baat' and start doing 'Kaam ki baat'. The Samwadi Party supremo also said that Modi is in Uttar Pradesh for the sake of votes. He asked Modi on what favor he has done to the farmers in the country. Akhilesh went on to blame Modi for not fulfilling the promises he made to people before coming into power.

Enough 'Mann ki baat, do kaam ki baat':

On the occasion, the SP chief said that if Modi want to clear the small farmers loan waives if Bharatiya Janata Party comes into power in Uttar Pradesh, then why BJP has failed to clear loans of farmers in their ruled States. He added that looks like PM Modi will only do shows and stop going abroad.

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Meanehile, Modi reached Lal Bahudur Shastri memorial in Varansai where he paid floral tributes to the former prime minister.

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