Election Twist:Pawar feels sorry for Advani, tense for 'powerful' Modi

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Sharad Pawar and Narendra Modi
Mumbai, April 22: In a latest twist in this election season, Sharad Pawar showed his concern for veteran BJP leader LK Advani and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

Speaking about current situation within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the NCP chief said that he 'feels sorry for Advani," and Modi's anti-Congress statements would work as a boomerang on him.

Pawar was quoted as saying, "When Modi started his 'Congress mukt' mission, everybody was shaken. That hurt. People don't like the idea of a Congress-free India. Our own thinking is what we learnt from Nehru, Gandhi and Gandhian thinking. Babasaheb Ambedkar provided us a Constitution which gave tremendous power to the common people. I don't know why Modi raised this (slogan)," Pawar said. Asked if it can boomerang on Modi and BJP, Pawar said, "I think so. When I go to villages and towns, people raise this issue."

People don't like Narendra Modi's idea of a Congress-free India: Pawar

"We have seen Hitler, he was elected from a democratic set up. He concentrated power in himself and the whole world has seen how he eliminated the Jews, attacked other people, misused authority. Today, the examples of Advani, Joshi and Singh are illustrative of how power has started concentrating in Modi's hand. It's just the beginning," Pawar added.

The NCP leader, who was a former Congress man, also said, "It is not the question of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, it is the question of Nehru-Gandhi ideology. It is symbolic representative of a particular Congress ideology, of the unity of this nation, of secularism of this country. I don't think the glorious history of a country can be erased. Anybody can create history but nobody can destroy or eliminate the glorious history of a nation."

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