Drizzle glistens Taj Mahal for Sharad Purnima

Written by: IANS
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Drizzle glistens Taj for Sharad Purnima
Agra, Oct 7: A drizzle Tuesday evening restored the sparkling glow of the Taj Mahal to bring back the fun and romance of the Sharad Purnima for which hundreds of tourists have purchased the tickets to view the monument bathed in moonlight. Sharad Purnima falls Oct 7-8 this year.

The Taj Mahal is open for five nights around full moon. Groups of 50 are allowed in for 30 minutes. But most feel disappointed as they are not permitted close to the main structure.

Monday evening around 185 people, 136 Indians and 17 foreign nationals, saw the Taj in bright moonlight.

"Yesterday the moon was at its brightest, but a misty cover created an eerie ambience and it was hot. We bought tickets at high prices, especially to see the Taj in its full glory in full moon shine. We were disappointed," said an Indian tourist Jatin.

Luckily, the sudden showers Tuesday evening have washed the Taj and people are hoping it would sparkle in its pristine glory.

Recalling the olden days when an annual "Chamki Mela" was held at the Taj Mahal with lakhs joining in on Sharad Poornima, hotelier Surendra Sharma said: "Normally after the rains, the Taj looks sparkling white and when the moon rays fall on the white surface, people are thrilled to see the rare spectacle."

"Before 1985, there were no restrictions and almost the entire city - the youngsters, particularly - used to turn up at the Taj on Sharad Purnima for the 'Chamki Mela'. Each marble piece sparkled when the moon rays struck its surface at a certain angle - and people would burst into joyous ecstasy and shout 'chamki'," he added.

Now, on Sharad Purnima, a maximum of 400 people are permitted to enter the Taj Mahal precincts. The entry tickets cost more than for normal days and have to be booked a day in advance.


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