Don't have blind faith on Modi: Kejriwal tells Varanasi voters

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Varanasi, April 20: AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, who is fighting Lok Sabha polls against Narendra Modi from here, on April 19 cautioned people against having "blind faith" on the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate on the basis of his portrayal in the media.

Addressing a meet in Tripolia area of Ramnagar here, a BJP stronghold, Kejriwal said, "I went to a village here and on seeing me, some youths started shouting Modi Modi. I asked them why Modi should become the PM of this country and they could not give any answer.

"I had a conversation with them. I showed them the papers of increasing gas prices and told them about Babu Lal Bukharia being in his (Modi's) Cabinet. They all agreed with me, and joined our party today," said Kejriwal.

The former Delhi Chief Minister appealed to the people to not endorse "blind faith" on Modi, saying what the media had been showing about the Gujarat Chief Minister was different from the reality.

"What this media is showing is like offering opium. Don't loose your sense. If you chant Modi-Modi like a blind follower, you will regret it later," he said.

Taking a dig at opposition parties for calling him a "bhagoda" (deserter) for quitting the post of Delhi Chief Minister in just 49 days, Kejriwal said, "Thank god BJP was not there when God Ram went in exile for 14 years. Otherwise, they would have pasted posters all across Ayodhya, showing Ram as a 'bhagoda'."

Kejriwal also cited the example of former PM Lal Bahadur Shastri, who was born in Ramnagar. "Lal Bahadur Shastri resigned for his principles. I would do the same thing like Shastri. I would not hesitate to resign a 100 times for principles," Kejriwal said.

Asking the crowd if policemen here took bribe, Kejriwal said if his government came to power, all such things would be stopped like it happened during his 49-day government in Delhi.

Appealing people to vote for him against Modi, Kejriwal said, "If you defeat him from here then Varanasi will make history and this will find a mention in the historical facts about the ancient city."

"If you people send us to the parliament, then we will sit on dharna in front of the parliament for the cause of people and won't let gas prices to rise." Kejriwal said the gas prices would be doubled after the elections and it had been withheld for two months on his request letter written to the Election Commission.

Kejriwal said his party's manifesto would be released in 4-5 days and all local issues would be included in it. He sought people's suggestions for the manifesto.

Replying to a question on why did he not contest from two seats, Kejriwal said, "Contesting elections from two places should be stopped. A law should be made that a person can contest from only one seat."

Attacking Modi for fighting from two seats, Kejriwal uttered a slogan "Jo do seeton se ladta hai, wo Kejriwal se darta hai (One who is scared of Kejriwal, fights from two seats).


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