Domestic violence: Why is AAP crying foul?

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New Delhi, June 12: A complaint alleging domestic violence was filed against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Somnath Bharti. While Somnath has maintained a position that the allegations are false and baseless, his wife alleges physical torture since 2010.

As per tweets by Somnath, he loves his wife but she wants him to leave politics and separate from his mother and hence she has reacted with a false complaint.

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Why is AAP crying foul?

While whatever be the truth of this particular case, misuse of gender laws and their use as a tool of "blackmail and extortion" in a failed marriage by disgruntled women against their estranged husbands is no myth and a well-known fact.

The misuse of laws of happens because inherently society hates men says Save Indian Family Foundation, a charitable trust fighting for gender equality and men's rights.

AAP encashed on gender politics

All political parties try to encash on this behavior of society as they bring in gender politics and promise huge sops to women as part of their electoral agenda. Such antics leave men high and dry.

Aam Aadmi Party is also no exception to this election gimmick. In fact, it's volunteers were the ones who had organized protests which led to the formation of new anti-rape laws and the filing of false rape cases has skyrocketed after that.

Former DCW chief Barkha Singh herself quoted saying DCW has encountered at least 50% false rape cases in 2013-14.

AAP cadres also resorted to hooliganism whenever a complaint of dowry harassment was filed and created drama to get husband's family arrested. These and many other ways they resorted to spread misandry in the society and today one of their top cadres is victimized by misandry and he is crying hoarse.

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Male hatred is a form of corruption

Interestingly, AAP had started its crusade against corruption and this was the reason they formed a political party to address this issue. However, what they failed to realize is that, Misandry (male hatred) is also a form of corruption as it corrupts the society, the family and gender relationships.

Instead of taking a stand against misandry, AAP promoted it, which is sad," says Rajesh Vakharia, President, Save Indian Family Foundation.

It's appalling that an engineer like Arvind Kejriwal does not look at data objectively and goes by histrionics. He and his cadres spread the venom of misandry in society hoping to gain some brownie points.

But, as Karma hits back, the venom bites the snake as his own people are becoming victims of false cases and denied listening.

AAP never took a stand against police atrocities and violation of human rights by police and JitenderTomar was arrested without Section 41 CrPC Notice of Appearance and there was clear violation of human rights," says Jyoti Tiwari, spokesperson, Save Indian Family Foundation.

"It's high time that misuse of gender laws is stopped. Also, police and judiciary reforms are brought into the agenda of political parties.

Especially parties formed with new ideologies like AAP should take this matter up and if needed, they should take consultancy from organizations like Save Indian Family Foundation on these issues who have done deep research on these topics," says Nishant Sharma, Secretary, Save Indian Family Foundation.

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