Does Dawood live in the house of a Pakistani diplomat?

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New Delhi, Aug 25: Who lives at the Main Margalla Road F-6/2, House No.7, Islamabad? Is it Dawood Ibrahim or Dr Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan's permanent representative at the United Nations.

Dawood is located at Main Margalla Road F-6/2, House No.7, Islamabad, according to a dossier prepared by India is the residence of Dawood Ibrahim. While the Indian dossier which should have been handed over to Pakistan had the NSA level talks not failed states that the above mentioned address is indeed that of Dawood's, the Pakistanis have a different take on this address.

Pak diplomat housing Dawood?

A report in the Pakistani media states that the address mentioned above belongs to Dr Maleeha Lodhi who is a permanent representative to the United Nations.

A staunch advocate of the resolution on Kashmir, Dr Lodhi according to the Pakistan media publication, The Nation is the one who resides at the address which India had stated belonged to Dawood Ibrahim.

Who is Dawood Ibrahim?

The report also states that when the reporter spoke to the security guard outside the above mentioned address, he had asked, " who is Dawood Ibrahim, I have heard this name for the first time. This house belongs to Maleeha Lodhi and her secretary uses this as an office," the guard also told the reporter.

Maleeha Lodhi, who is a permanent representative at the UN from Pakistan is a staunch advocate of the Kashmir issue. She is said to have raised the Kashmir issue at the UN security council recently seeking a mediation on the issue to resolve the problem.

On expected lines

A senior official in New Delhi who was part of the team, which prepared these voluminous dossiers says that the response by Pakistan is on expected lines.

Since 1993 they have denied him being on their soil and we do not expect that they would admit it now. The address that have been listed out have done on the basis of concrete evidence.

The Pakistan agencies are capable of wiping out any evidence and we are fully aware that they keep shifting him around within Pakistan to fool the international agencies. There is a red corner alert against him and Pakistan would do everything to protect him as he is not just an asset but a strategic asset.

The ISI will make sure now that Dawood is fully protected and moving him out of Karachi and Islamabad is not an option that they would take.

Earlier there were reports that he had been moved to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, but that was a false alarm sounded by Pakistan to hoodwink all of us. Common sense would prevail in such matters and why would the ISI move him out of the highly secure zones of Karachi or Islamabad, an Intelligence Bureau official questioned.

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