Dodging a jihadi recruiter: Just be stingy or talkative

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New Delhi, July 3: In this day and age where terrorist groups are desperately looking for recruits, it may come as a surprise that there are a few they do not want. The coward, the talkative, the loner and the stingy have been advised to stay away from performing jihad and the recruiters have been clearly told not to recruiting such persons.

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In a detailed manual followed by recruiters of the al-Qaeda titled, " A Course in the Art of Recruiting," there are several pages of guidelines that are given to recruits.

Dodging a jihadi recruiter

While the manual states that there are certain types of people they do not need, there is also a dedicated chapter on whom to recruit.

Jihadis are not looking for these persons:
Under a sub title groups not qualified for recruitment, the manual states that recruiters should stay away from cowards, stingy people, loners, the talkative and also those who have hostile ideas about the Mujahideen.

Cowards are not preferred as the manual states that, "the sign of the coward is that he is afraid to speak about politics, i.e. he says expressions like "Walk very close to the wall (don't walk on the side walk or in the street, but be like an insect walking alongside the wall out of fear of being harmed)."

He is afraid of the apostates (rulers) in general. Also, he is ready to praise them because it is to his advantage and for his safety, as far as he thinks. Further, he doesn't like the actions of the Islamists, although he does think that their actions are correct. So, I ask you, how can we imagine that one day this man (i.e. the coward) will be able to shake the throne of the Taghut (tyrant ruler)?

The talkative persons too need to be avoided and the manual states that the sign of the excessively talkative person is that the only aim of his speaking is to speak; or just to show the people that he knows everything. In addition, he says certain phrases like, "I know this...I like these things about this group...I hate these things about this other group." Also, he speaks about things which don't concern him.

The person who has hostile ideas against the Mujahideen are the ones who are like the al Murjia'h (the people who are soft with the tyrant leaders and harsh with the common Muslims), al Jamiyah, al Madkhaliya (Salafis who turn the Muslims over to the kuffar) , and al Lamz (backbiters) and al Ghamz (the people who take a true situation and slip in falsehood to take support away from the mujahideen.
Avoid the stingy people the manual states.

There is no doubt that there are degrees of stinginess. You should know, my dear brother, that this characteristic is also a killer. This is because money is the backbone of Jihad, so we look for the brother who not only spends his money, but he also sells himself to please Allah.

The loner is another category to be avoided. The sign of a loner is that he is always alone and never tries to make relationships with people. He doesn't have a specific opinion on important issues. He has just a few friends. His life is traditional, i.e. boring, he can't make great changes. Don't waste your time on such persons, the manual states.

These persons may be recruited:

The manual also has a chapter dedicated those who can be recruited. The non-religious Muslim is given priority in this chapter. The manual says, "this is the sector that I prefer.

This is because you will be the one to guide him to the right path; and you can choose who you want to be with you in your brigade,
The foundation members of the Islamic groups in general may be recruited.

These people are:the Tablighi Jama', the Muslim Brotherhood, and the other groups. You will find a lot of goodness in them, the manual states. Further university students need to be recruited.

The manual states that the university is like a place of isolation for a period of four, five, or six years and is full of youths (full of zeal, vigor, and anti-government sentiments). However, you should be careful because it is also full of spies.

The Students above 15 years old; I mean you have to cultivate the idea of jihad inside of them. This is because today they are young but tomorrow they will be adults, so if you don't give them da'wa some one else will. Students often have pure minds and they are safe to deal with.

Be careful of the following:

A note to recruiters is that they should be careful of trying to replace his personality with yours, causing him to become a carbon copy of you. Also, don't make yourself the only role-model for him because you will not attain happiness from this and you will never achieve the objectives of the program.

The outcome is that one of the two things will occur: firstly, he will have an independent opinion and it will be clear when you two are thinking about something together.

Secondly, he will oppose your opinions and this is evidence for independence of his opinion, and his freedom for his own decision.

Be careful of talking about the problems of the Muslims from the beginning (of the relationship) so as not to make the relationship appear as your recruiting him; he will say to himself, 'you are doing all of this with me, just to recruit me, etc.' Also, don't rush anything because there will be a proper time for everything.

Be careful not to talk about Al Qaida, Salafi Jihadis, or any specific jihadi group in the first stages, but the recruiter should speak about the mujahideen and the resistance fighters in general, because maybe this candidate loves the mujahideen but the media has distorted their image, especially Al Qaida.

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