Documents leaked: The complete modus operandi

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New Delhi, Feb 19: The modus operandi of the five persons arrested in connection with the documents leak case is an interesting one. Every presentation that was made to the Petroleum ministry by foreign firms was leaked out and passed on to Indian corporate houses.

Sources tell OneIndia that once the presentation to the ministry was made by a foreign firm, the presentation was leaked out and sold to the corporates in India.

Documents leaked: The complete SOP

The tip off:

The Petroleum ministry got wind of the operation when one of the foreign firms complained that they would not be making any more presentations.

Several firms from abroad realized that their presentations were being re-presented by some Indian corporates. To get the better of the foreign firms the Indian corporates hired these five persons to leak presentations so that they could better it and make a pitch.

It was also found that documents pertaining to oil exploration and also pricing were leaked. The police suspect that these men passed on information to energy consultation firms who in turn moved the papers to the corporates.
The classified information was allegedly shared with corporate houses and had details of policies used for oil exploration, pricing as well as imports.

Being watched since May:

Sources further informed that these persons were under watch since May 2014. They found that the presentations and also some policy decisions of the ministry were regularly being leaked to Indian corporate houses.

The petroleum ministry then complained to the Delhi police about these persons. The Delhi police which laid the trap found that three persons were in touch with two officials in the ministry.

Fake identification cards used:

After the questioning of the two officials, it led to them revealing the names of the three other persons who were intermediaries.

The three intermediaries had created fake identification cards. They used these cards to enter into the ministry where they would get in touch with the two other officials.

These persons would pick up documents from the officials. The documents would then be photo copied and stolen out of the ministry.

Crime branch officials say that they suspect there are more persons involved in this case. Raids are being conducted in several other places and more names are expected to tumble out.

They had orchestrated a perfect crime and not just were fake identification cards made, they even had fake vehicle stickers which were used to enter into the ministry premises.

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