Discover & invent first, Make in India later: Nobel Laureates

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Mysuru, Jan 04: Nobel Laureates who landed in Mysuru for the 103rd Indian Science Congress (103ISC) felt on Monday that Make-in-India mantra should become ‘Invent in India' so as to achieve greater heights.

In an interaction with the media, the big daddies of academia felt that India must focus its energies on discovering and inventing and not just making alone.

Discover & invent first: Nobel Laureates

"I strongly fell your Prime Minister Narendra Modi's slogan must be changed to invent in India from Make-in-India," Professor David J Gross said.

During the inaugural session on Sunday, PM Modi had stressed on Make in India, Digital India and Start-Up India - all top campaigns of his government.

Prof Gross said India must first invent and to do so, the country should first discover. "Discovery and inventions will enable products that can be made within the country," Gross said.

Professor Dan Shechtman said inventions must be drawn from universities and passed on to start-ups. "But, we need more takers in science. And, science must be taught at a very young age," he said.

Fields Medalist Manjul Bhargava, already a sensation among delegates and students at 103IOC said that the country lacked encouragement, despite talent in abundance.

Discover & invent first, Make in India later: Nobel Laureates

"Everyone gets into engineering. But science drives engineering. Students should be encouraged to take up science. There is a need for a cultural change," Manjul said.

Speaking earlier at the Children's Science Congress, Professor John B Gurdon said technology changed the landscape of the world.

"I first came to this country (India) on a ship and now the distances are cut short by flights. Great advancements have been made by science, which we often take for granted," Prof Gurdon said.

Tops quotes from academic dons

Prof Serge Haroche (France): Science is not short term agenda, science is long term project. Priority should be given to appoint good teachers. Teach basic and applied science for children.

Prof Dan Shechtman (Israel): We need people who like science; we need to popularize pure science at early age. Future of India will be bright, if we popularize science among children.

Prof Manjul Bhargava (Canada): We have amazing talents in science. But they go to engineering. More young people should take up science and try to innovate.

Prof David Gross (US): Discover India and then make in India.

Sir John B Gurdon (UK): I was happy to see large number of youngsters showing interest in science in India. Science gives very substantial opportunities for youngsters. Even help them financially.

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