Differences with RSS over MOI will cost BJP dear in Goa: MLA

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Panaji, Apr 27: Senior BJP MLA Vishnu Surya Wagh on Tuesday said RSS' disapproval of the state government's stand on the medium of instruction (MOI) issue will prove "costly" for his party in Assembly elections next year.

"This issue will prove dearer for BJP. The agitation during the erstwhile Digambar Kamat-led government was never organised, in fact it (agitation) was dying down," Wagh said.


He is part of Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM) demanding regional languages as MOI in elementary education.

RSS state chief Subhash Velingkar recently criticised the BJP-led government over the issue, appealing people "not to allow these people (BJP) on your doorstep during election".

Wagh said the protests over the issue are more organised now.

"In the last four months, there has been introspection on the issue, people have begun to think and debate," he said.

He said people are growing frustrated over the issue.

"If that (previous) agitation had the strength to bring down the Kamat-led government, same sentiments are now against the BJP," said Wagh, who represents St Andre constituency.

The RSS leaders are openly criticising the government for giving grants to several English-medium schools.

"There is no denying the fact that RSS and BJP have coherent relation. In fact, RSS is a parent body of the BJP. Nobody can deny it. But now if the RSS leadership is against the BJP over this issue then it would be difficult for the party. It will cost them during upcoming election," Wagh said.

Responding to a query, the MLA said he stuck to his stand on the issue.

"I've been with this movement (MOI) since beginning. I became a MLA later. My being an MLA has come as a consequence of joining the agitation," he said.

He said several people who are currently in power were also part of the agitation against the then Kamat-led government in the past.

"We should be firm with our stand especially because people have voted us to power because of our ideology. When we have an option, but are not weighing the options before us than what is the use (sic)," he asked.

The MLA said several leaders in BJP are not satisfied with the decision to give grants to English medium schools.

"As a government we have taken a decision but there are several people in the government who are not satisfied. There is difference of opinion amongst the people. If we continue the policy in the same way, there would be complications in future. In June (new academic year), not a single English medium school should be given the grant," he demanded.


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