Did you know: Cyclone Hudhud is named after Israel's national bird !

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Did you know: Cyclone Hudhud is named after Israel's national bird !
Vizag, Oct 10: Cyclone Hudhud is fast approaching the Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coast. Ever wondered how it got the name?  Hudhud has been named after the national bird of Israel and it was suggested by Oman.

The tropical cyclones are given names so as to make it easier to identify them in warning messages and also, it makes communication quicker. Names make it easier for media and government to report on it and issue warning messages

Interestingly, most of the cyclones bear feminine names. The trend of naming cyclones that way began in the mid-1900 centure.  Later, meteorologists at National Hurricane Center decided to prepare a list of names which can be used, arranged alphabetically. The list is maintained and updated by an international committee of the World Meteorological Organization.

Names are picked according to the region the cyclone originate from and people in that region. The next cyclone in Indian region will be called Nilofar, as suggested by Pakistan.

Some of the cyclone names in north Indian Ocean, which have already been used, are Onil (suggested by Bangladesh), 
Agni (suggested by India), Hibaru (suggested by Maldives), Pyarr (suggested by Myanmar), Baaz (suggested by Oman), Fanoos (suggested by Pakistan), Mala (suggested by Sri Lanka), Mukda (suggested by Thailand), Ogni (suggested by Bangladesh), Akash (suggested by India).

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