Development just doesn't mean making roads: Manish Sisodia

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Development just isn't making roads: Manish Sisodia
New Delhi, Feb 28: The Aam Aadmi party leader Manish Sisodia on Friday said "development did not just mean creating flyovers and roads but was "ensuring proper medical care, sufficient educational opportunities and dignity of life".

Sisodia was speaking at 'Celebrating Delhi: New Aspiration'. He was former minister for urban development and education in Delhi.

Sisodia said crores have been spent on creating mindless infrastructure in Delhi which is also suffering due to lack of maintenance.

"As a minister when I met traders, nobody asked for favours. All they wanted was a conducive environment to work. The government has put up several barriers in their way in the form of licences and clearances. These are tweaked to benefit certain people but make life extremely problematic for most others," he said.

When he was asked his opinion on development in Gujarat, Sisodia said Narendra Modi should ensure that businessmen and common people are not seen as thieves in BJP-ruled states.

Rejecteing the concept 'Gujarat Model of Development', Siosodia said, "He should ensure BJP governments and officers change the way they function. We do not see a different picture in these states from rest of the country".

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