Demonetisation deadline: No crowding at banks

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All the crowding that banks saw for weeks after demonetisation have vanished on the last day of the deadline.

It was business as usual at banks across the country with most customers having exchanged or deposited the demonetised notes well in advance. While banking is returning to normalcy, liquidity is another story altogether.


"There is absolutely no crowding today. We didn't expect crowding too since this has been the scenario for over 10 days now. The kind of crowding we say in the first two weeks in now only a distant memory. For us it is business as usual," said Victoria Mishra, manager at an SBI branch.

For the customers banking is no longer the concern. Getting change for high value Rs 2,000 notes is.

"I am here to deposit money from our hospital. Since ours in a current account we haven't faced problems in withdrawing money as well. Something that I have personally seen as an effect of demonetisation is usage of plastic money. Payments at our hospital is now 80 per cent digital. Patients and families prefer to pay by electronic means than cash", said Danapal.

The last day rush has however got to some. "I found some Rs 1,500 lying at home and came to the bank to deposit the same. Unfortunately I forgot to carry my original ID along and now I have to travel for two hours back home else the notes I possess have no worth," said Ravi Kumar, an IT employee in Bengaluru.

With Rs 2,000 notes being easily available, change for the same seems to be the primary concern currently.

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