Democracy has been murdered in AAP: Yogendra Yadav

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New Delhi, March 28: The National Council meet proved to be a major disappointment for the rebels Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan. Hhaving been ousted from AAP's national executive panel, he said "democracy has been murdered".

"I say it with sadness that democracy has been murdered at the AAP national council meet today. Violence took place at the meet. One of our colleagues was kicked and dragged out of the meet by bouncers," Yadav told media.

'Democracy has been murdered in AAP'

He also alleged that the entire sequence of events was scripted. He said,"Everything happened as per a pre-planned script. Arvind [Kejriwal] announced Gopal Rai would be president, we opposed saying there should be a discussion but the same wasn't admitted."

Describing what happened inside, he said that there were shoutings and scuffles and no productive discussion. "Only shouting took place, scuffle took place, bogus voting happened, and nothing else happened. It is a mockery of everything. Some of us were even prevented from coming out; this is what is happening here. I am ashamed and I apologize to all volunteers and supporters," he added.

He also alleged that there was anti-Bhushan, Yadav sloganeering in the middle of Arvind Kejriwal's speech. Meanwhile, apart from the duo, Ajith Jha and Professor Anand Kumar from the national executive.

The duo also accuse Kejriwal of adopting unfair means to come to power. Yadav also said that any objection raised against the convener is being taken as a threat by the party members.

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