Delhi Pollution: ‘Emergency’ measures to tackle an emergency-like situation

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New Delhi, Nov 7: The national capital is facing an emergency-like situation.

As the Delhi-NCR region chokes on post-Diwali pollution, the Arvind Kejriwal-led government in Delhi on Sunday announced several "emergency" measures to bring down severe rise in the pollution level.


The measures to be adopted by the government have been termed as "emergency" as the situation in the national capital is akin to an emergency.

The "emergency measures" announced by the chief minister on Sunday were:
1. Schools to remain closed for three days
2. Badarpur power plant to remain shut for five days
3. All construction activities to be halted for 10 days
4. Water sprinkling and vacuum cleaning on PWD roads
5. Ban on burning of leaves and crops
6. Ban on use of diesel generator sets for 10 days
7. Restriction on vehicular movements
8. Advise residents to stay indoors.

The abnormal rise in air pollution level is making living almost impossible in the national capital, as it poses serious health risk to children, elderly and residents in general.

According to reports, the level pf PM 2.5 -- tiny particles that can clog the lungs and worsen heart ailments is close to 700 micrograms per cubic metre in Delhi.

This is 12 times above the government norm and 70 times over the one advocated by the World Health Organisation.

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