Delhi polls: Why exodus of women from AAP, asks BJP in next 'Paanch Sawaal'

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New Delhi, Jan 30: Continuing its trend of asking 'five questions' from AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, BJP on Friday asked five more questions on Friday ahead of the February 7 Delhi election.

Here are the five questions which were asked on Friday by the saffron Party:

Delhi polls: Why exodus of women from AAP, asks BJP in next 'Paanch Sawaal'.
Why is AAP using 'foreign' volunteers?

The BJP said that the AAP was roping in volunteers from outside Delhi to campaign for it in the capital and Delhi voters are getting calls from Dubai, Bangladesh to vote for AAP. BJP asked why AAP is using foreign volunteers, couldn't it find volunteers in Delhi or India?

Is AAP anti-women?

BJP also said that it will not be an exaggeration to say that AAP is anti-woman party as slowly and gradually all the women members are leaving the party, "Madhu Bhaduri, Shazia Ilmi and Neena Sharma left AAP, why? BJP asked that "Why are the women leaving the party?"

Why AAP did not submit details to EC for 2014 Lok Sabha polls?

BJP also said that the AAP had accused other parties of being corrupt. But why AAP had not submitted its accounts to the EC during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Why is AAP insulting Constitutional bodies?

BJP asked, AAP always claims that they respect all the institutions, but if that is the case then why AAP has received three notices from the Election Commission.

"If you don't like their verdict, appeal to the High Court. But until the time the High Court responds, the Election Commission's order is valid. You are brazenly violating the order."

Where is Lokayukta issue now?

In the last question BJP asked, Arvind Kejriwal had quit as Delhi CM after 49 days saying that there is lack of support to the 'Lokayukta bill'. But after quitting, "How many times did they raise that issue after the 49 days in power in Delhi?" Why is AAP not raising the issue now?

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