Delhi gangrape verdict today: Will the accused get death penalty?

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New Delhi, Sept 10: After 130 hearings in nine months, a fast-track court is set to deliver its verdict on the Delhi gangrape case on Tuesday. The verdict will decide the fate of four of the six persons who were arrested for gangraping and brutally assaulting a 23-year-old medical student inside a moving bus in the capital on the night of December 16 last year. Her male friend was also assaulted and the duo was thrown out of the bus after the crime.

The incident had left rippling effects not only in India but also abroad and strong protests on the streets had forced the authorities to introduce tougher law to punish those who indulged in sexual offences. One of the accused was, however, found hanging in the Tihar Jail in March while the sixth accused was tried in a juvenile court since he was a juvenile at the time of the crime.

The family of the woman has sought maximum punishment for the accused

The four men could face death sentence if found guilty of rape and murder.

The savage assault of the woman, who died two weeks after in a hospital in Singapore, had outraged the nation and rocked the Parliament as well. Women's safety became a national concern although the administration has not succeeded to tighten up the security arrangements adequately, which has been proved by frequent rapes in the country.

Meanwhile, the family of the woman sought maximum punishment for the four accused. It had expressed anguish after the accused juvenile was sent for three-year reforms by the court, inviting strong reaction from various quarters for it was said that it was he who was the most barbaric of all while assaulting the victim.

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