Death tracks: India saw around 7 major train accidents in 2013 (Pics)

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Thane, Jan 8: The Mumbai-Dehradun train mishap is the latest in the series of train accidents in the country. At least 7 train accidents, major and minor, have occurred at various places in India in last one year.

India's worst rail accident was in 1981 when a train fell into a river in Bihar, killing at least 800 people.

Here is a look at the major railway mishaps in 2013.

The worst accident in 2013 happened in Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh on December 28. More than two dozen passengers were charred to death in a major fire accident in Nanded-Bangalore express train near Kothacheru railway station in Anantapur district. The fire occurred in D1 airconditioned compartment. DNA experts said that lack of enough oxygen and carbon monoxide could be the reason for passengers falling unconscious. There could be two reasons for the accident, said experts- one is short circuit and the other presence of inflammable material.

On December 17, eight coaches of Gondia Dongargarh Memu local (68712) caught fire while standing at the R T siding at Dongargarh. The accident claimed no lives. The coaches caught fire due to reasons unknown.

On November 15, at least five people were killed and nearly 50 injured when eight coaches of a superfast train, Hazrat Nizamuddin-Ernakulam Mangala Express, derailed near Ghoti, between Nashik and Igatpuri railway stations, in Maharashtra. The train was en route to Nizamuddin in Delhi from Ernakulam in Kerala. On February 22, the same train had derailed while entering Pen railway station on the Panvel-Roha section at 12.20 pm today. The coaches were S-2, S-1, General coach and the train guard's brake van. According to initial information, no injuries were reported, however local doctors were summoned as a precautionary measure.

On October 17, passengers of the Danapur-Kamakhya Capital Express (13248) had a providential escape when 12 of its coaches derailed near gate number 71 'C' at home signal of Patna Saheb. Railways said that that fault in the tracks or major technical snag must have caused the accident which is rare, particularly on the mainline section of Danapur division.

On October 15, a major fire broke out in a pantry car of the Dibrugarh-New Delhi Rajdhani Express near Dharamtul Railway Station in Morigaon district. No one was injured in the fire, although 15 workers in the pantry car jumped to safety when the train stopped immediately after the incident.

On April 11, one passenger was killed and 33 others, including six women and two children, were injured when 12 bogies of Muzaffarpur-Yesvantpur Express (no.15228) derailed at the Chitheri railway station near Chennai.

In Anantapur

A major fire ripped through an AC coach of the Bangalore-Nanded Express train, roasting alive 26 people in sleep and injuring 13 others in Anantapur on December 28

In Rajnandgaon

On December 17, the engines and coaches of Dongargarh-Raipur passenger train catches fire at Dongargarh station's yard in Rajnandgaon

In Nasik

Damaged coaches of a Nizamuddin-Ernakulam Mangala Express train which derailed on November 15, killing one person and injuring several others

In Patna

Restoration work in progress near Patna Sahib station where Danapur-Khamakhya Capital Express train was derailed on October 17

In Dharamtul

Fire fighters try to douse fire from detached coach of the Rajdhani Express that caught fire from the pantry on October 15 when the train was between the Dharamtul and Sonuabari Stations in the Lumding-Guwahati section of the Lumding Division

In Bhubaneswar

People look at the damaged boggies of the goods train which met with an accident when striked back by Puri-Durg Express at Kalajhari syphon near Mancheswar railway station on the outskirt of Bhubaneswar on April 3

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