Dawood Ibrahim issue in Parliament: Govt ready with document

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New Delhi, July 20: The Union Government would ensure that it is completely prepared to face any question relating to Dawood Ibrahim in Parliament.

The last time around the government had a bitter experience when it was stated that the whereabouts of Dawood Ibrahim were unknown.

Govt ready with Dawood document

This time ahead of the Parliament session, the Ministry for Home Affairs has prepared a thorough document which has also been submitted to the Prime Minister's office with all details of the absconding don and 1993 Mumbai serial blasts accused.

He is in Pakistan- operates out of five different locations and all efforts are being made to bring him to India is what the gist of the document states.

We know his whereabouts

The document emphasizes on the point that India is completely aware of his whereabouts. His every movement is known to India and the calls made by him are tracked which suggest he is very much in Pakistan, the document reads.

Further the document relies on the latest inputs that have been provided by the Intelligence Bureau and the Research and Analysis Wing. These are latest inputs and we have prepared the same in the form of a document, a Home Ministry official informed OneIndia.

The Home Ministry official further informed that apart from intercepts gathered by the Indian Intelligence agencies, there is also a lot of information that they have managed to get from foreign agencies such as the CIA and the FBI too.

All the agencies have clearly stated that the don is very much in Pakistan and he is being moved around strategically by the ISI.

Dawood has 29 passports

The document further states that Dawood Ibrahim has 29 passports in all. The passports that were made since the year 1993 has 11 alone from India.

There are however two passports which have been issued in Pakistan which he uses regularly. The last time he had travelled out of Pakistan was in the year 2013. However the don has not moved out of Pakistan since then, the document also reads.

He is a designated terrorist and the same has been declared by the US Treasury Department as well. He leads the gang of narcotic smugglers and his business thrives under the able guidance of both the Paksitan army and ISI.

As per the files of the Interpol, Dawood has been using two passports regularly. Although India has issued a red corner alert against him, the Interpol has complained that it is Pakistan which should place him under the watch list, but has not done so.

The Interpol would require Pakistan to place the don under watch, but the ISI in particular is extremely non-cooperative and always denies his presence in the country.

Dawood shifts location every five days

Over the past year, it has been found that Dawood has constantly shifted his location. Although he lives the most in his Clifton Road house in Karachi most of the time, it has been found that he has safe houses in Islamabad and also Murree Road.

His last found location was at Murree Road which is a relatively new address which has come to the picture only three months back.

Apart from this he has two safe houses in Karachi and one at Islamabad. He is being moved around with protection from the ISI and it has been learnt that he is still a strategic asset for the Pakistan spy agency. It has also been learnt that he has been trying to find new routes to carry out his business.

In addition to the drug business, he is also into real estate. He is also known to be developing property in Karachi and Dubai, Intelligence Agencies in India have learnt.

Pressure on Pakistan

The Home Ministry document if asked in Parliament about the progress made in the Dawood case, would clarify that there is pressure being applied on Pakistan.

The document states that Pakistan has been repeatedly told about Dawood and the need for them to send him back to India. Pakistan has never been able to assure anything to India with regard to Dawood, but the pressure and heat will be stepped up, the Home Ministry also notes.

The Home Ministry official says that the entire issue begins with acceptance. Pakistan is not ready to accept his presence on their soil. India is making moves through the Interpol and also other international agencies on this issue.

Despite being designated a global terrorist, Pakistan does not appear to be moved and continue to shield him.

There is no let up on the Dawood issue and he will be pursued as aggressively as possible, the document also states. There is pressure being applied from all corners on this issue and India will relentlessly pursue him, the Home Ministry document states.

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