Dawood Ibrahim and his 25 names used as aliases

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Bengaluru, May 23: With the Interpol being sounded off yet again to trail and track Dawood Ibrahim, a new file has been prepared. He has had 11 passports out of which 6 were issued by India. More importantly Dawood Ibrahim as he is popularly known as has 25 different names all used as aliases while carrying out his various crimes across the globe.

The task ahead for the Interpol is not easy and it would require a great deal from Pakistan where he is housed at. It is Pakistan which has to place him under the watch list and intimate the Interpol each time the don tries to travel out of the country.

Dawood Ibrahim's 25 names.
The 25 names of Dawood Ibrahim:

While his main name remains Dawood Ibrahim for all official purposes, here are the other names that he uses. Aliases are often used to divert attention and misguide the police while they try and identify him.

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His 25 names are:
Abdul Hamid Abdul Aziz
Anis Ibrahim
Aziz Dilip
Daud Hasan Shaikh Ibrahim Kaskar
Daud Ibrahim Memon
Daud Ibrahim Memon Kaskar
Daudhasan Shaikh Ibrahim Kaskar
Dawood Ebrahim
Dawood Hassan Ibrahim Kaskar
Dawood Hassan
Dawood Hassan Shaikh
Dawood Ibrahim
Dawood Ebrahim Kaskar
Dawood Ibrahim Memon
Dawood Sabri
Dawoord Ibrahim
Dowood Hassan Shaikh Ibrahim
Ibrahim Shaikh Mohd Anis
Kaskar Dawood Hasan
Shaikh Daud Hasan
Shaikh Ismail Abdul
Shaikh Mohd Ismail Abdul Rehman
Shaikh Dawood Hassan
Sheikh Ibrahim

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What the US treasury says about Dawood:

Through an executive ordered numbers 13224 he was designated as a global terrorist. According to the US treasury, Dawood has been referred to as an Al-Qaeda terrorist who also helps the Taliban.

The relationship with the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are purely "heroin." The dossier states that he has used his network with the help of the Al-Qaeda to smuggle heroin through various routes. He was first invited over by the Taliban in the year 1990 to travel to Afghanistan.

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During that visit in the year 1990 he entered into a deal with the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda to smuggle heroin out of Afghanistan.

The exact note on him prepared by the United Nations reads: "Pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1267 (1999) and successor resolutions, including Resolution 1735 (2006), the subject is under the following UN Sanctions:

Freezing of Assets, Travel Ban and Arms Embargo. The subject has the following permanent reference number on the list maintained by the UN Security Council Al-Qaida and Taliban Sanctions Committee (1267 Committee) which appears in the Special Notice for this subject: QI.K.135.03.

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