Day 6 of Headley deposition: Headley deposition for today ends

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Mumbai, Feb 13: On Day 6 David Headley deposed before the Mumbai court and informed that he had visited the Indian Army installation after Major Iqbal Rana asked him to do so.

Here are the Day 6 updates of the terrorist on video conference.

Day 4 of Headley deposition

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Day 6

2:14 pm:Sajid Mir greets the terrorists with a salam walekum kya haal hai. This is Mir's voice, Headley tells court.

David Headley accepted that there was no action taken against Pasha, Iqbal and Sameer Ali in Pakistan. No action was taken against him too. He also told the court that he had visited the court several times.

Cross examination in the case has been adjourned. The counsel for Abu Jundal the alleged Hindi tutor of the terrorists has sought for more time as he wanted to go through the evidence in the case.

Ujwal Nikam the special prosecutor says in the past six days a lot of evidence has come out.
Deposition for today ends

1:50 pm: A tape is played out of the conversation between the terrorists and the handlers. Headley says he can hear three voices. They are Abu Khafa, Abu al-Qama and Sajid Mir.

1:30 pm: I was arrested on October 3 2009 by the FBI in Chicago. Until then none had made any inquiry about me.

1:15 pm: When asked who is referring to Bala and Son Headley says Bal Thackerey and Udhav Thackerey.

1:00 pm: When asked if the Federal Investigation Agency in Pakistan had arrested him, Headley says no. They never arrested me, Sajid Mir or Major Iqbal.

12:30 pm: Mir also said the investment is not in your friend Rahul Bhatt's city. It is somewhere else.

12:16 pm: Prior to that I had sent an email to Major Iqbal about Rege and also gave a brief about this person.

Major Iqbal wrote a mail to me on May 20 2008 and asked me will cultivating ties with Rege will help get any information regarding the military in India.

11:14 am: I used to interact with Rajaram Rege through email when I was in the US and Pakistan. Rege is the PRO of Shiv Sena leader, Udhav Thackerey.

The emails between me and Rege were sent to Dr Rana with whom I discussed how we could use Rege. Headley had said yesterday that he was trying to access the Shiv Sena Bhavan in Mumbai so that they could attack it in future.

10.05 am: "When I asked Sajid Mir about the investigations in Pakistan, he said don't worry nothing will happen to uncle (saeed). He is moving like a tornado in Pakistan. Nothing will happen to him here, Mir also said. Convey my regards to Dr Sahab (Rana).

The same mail had a conversation relating to a land.I had asked if the land matter is solved. Headley says that this was regarding a construction of a land owned by him in Karachi," Headley said.

9.55 am: "I wrote another mail on August 28 2009 inquiring about Uncle. Mir replied that uncle got H1 virus. He said uncle was getting checked by doctor," Headley said.

9.45 am: I was concerned about Hafiz Saeed and Lakhvi. I got to know that Pakistan had started investigating this case. I was just checking with Mir if everything was ok with both of them. Sajid Mir replied to me that uncle is doing well and flying high.

9.38 am: My email id was while Sajid Mir used

In a communication with Mir on July 8, I had asked are most of the problems solved for uncle and his friends? Uncle was Hafiz Saeed while Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi was referred to as friends.

9.24 am: "Dr Rana was pleased with me when I met him in Chicago after the attack. On March 3 2009, I had sent him a mail titled Headley's personal will. I felt that someone needed to execute my will.

I was returning to India and felt that I may get killed and hence I sent this mail. In the mail I wrote that he should take care of my personal belongings. I had feared that I may get either arrested or killed in India. However I visited India despite that," Headley said. 

9.14 am: In Pune, I visited the Indian Army installation. I was told by Major Iqbal to visit the army installation and also recruit people from the Indian army. This was proposed so that we could get classified information about the Indian army.

In Pune, I shot a video of the Army installation and also of the city. I also shot a video of the Chabad House.

9.08 am: After the attack, I returned to India. I was in India and visited Rajasthan between March 11 and 13 2009. I shot videos of the city during my visit.

On 16th of March 2009, I visited Pune and stayed at the Surya Villa hotel.

7:30 am: After exposing the ISI- Lashkar-e-Tayiba nexus in the Mumbai 26/11 attack further yesterday, David Headley will continue his deposition today.

Special Public Prosecutor has arrived at the Mumbai court.


Day 5 updates

12.00 pm: When shown a picture of Ajmal Kasab Headley says Rahmatullah, may God bless you.

Headley was shown a mail written by his wife Shazia after the completion of the attacks. She had written to him, " yaar you did great."

My (former) wife Faiza knew that I was a follower of Hafiz Saeed. She met him and asked him to convince me to take him back as I had divorced her.

There was a plan to attack the national defence college

I met with Ilyas Kashmiri of the al-Qaeda's 313 Brigade who advised me to carry out more surveys of Indian targets. I kept my meeting with Kashmiri a secret as I felt they would not approve of the same.

The reason why an attack on the National Defence College was planned was because if the attack had succeeded then many army personnel would have been killed.

I did visit the National Defence College in 2007. However I did not make a video of it.

11:32 am: Sajid Mir gave me a cell phone with an Indian number. I was told to take it to the Wagah border and check if it was working. All the numbers that the terrorists were using were Indian numbers. They took instructions from the control room from Karachi on those numbers.

10.48 am: "I developed friendship with Rajaram Rege the PRO of Udhav Thackerey at the insistence of Sajid Mir," Headley said. 

10.45 am: "I shot a video of Shiv Sena Bhavan. The Lashkar-e-Taiba said they were planning to attack it in future," Headley tells court.

10.30 am: Headley speaks about Rahul Bhat. I met Rahul Bhat through a person called Vilas. It was during a body building competition. Vilas was in charge of the Moksh gym in Mumbai.

I met with Rajaram Rege at the Shiv Sena headquarters at Dadar. I wanted to access the building. I wanted to find out if the Lashkar-e-Taiba was interested in attacking this building in future. I became close friends with Rege.

10:07 am: The Lashkar-e-Taiba lauded me for my efforts. They were convinced with the information I provided them with. Even the ISI was happy with my efforts.

9:36 am: I had made videos of the Naval Air Station and handed it over to Sajid Mir. I however told them attacking this site is not a good idea as there is too much security there.

9:30 am: The Chabad House was selected by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba. It was an international location and Lashkar-e-Tayiba wanted to attack it as there were Jewish and Israeli people there.

9:00 am: Lakhvi said that the attack on Mumbai would be a revenge for all the blasts India carries out in Pakistan.

I purchased 20 sacred threads at the Siddivinayak temple. This was worn by the terrorists so that it would look like they were Hindus. At the SiddhiVinayak temple i had also shot a video of the entire

The sacred threads were handed over to Sajid Mir. He told me that it was a good idea for the terrorists to wear this band during the attack as it would make people believe that they were Indians.

8:59 am: I also advised against attacking the Siddhivinayak temple and the naval air base as there was too much security there. 

The terrorists would have to navigate around sensitive naval locations and should not be intercepted I had told the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

8:57 am: While Major Iqbal was opposed to the idea of attacking the Mumbai airport, the Lashkar-e-Tayiba leadership was upset that this target was not on the radar for the attack.

8:22 am: During my stint in Mumbai, I carried out a reconnaissance of the airport as well. I told Major Iqbal about it, but he told me it was not a good idea.

8:30 am: I was told by the ISI to recruit someone from BARC so that we could get classified information.

8:15 am: I had shot a video of the landing sites. After my return to Pakistan, I met Sajid Mir in April 2008 and showed him the videos.

7:30 am: After explosive revelations on Ishrat Jahan yesterday the David Headley deposition will continue today. Special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam has arrived and the deposition will commence shortly.


12.55 pm: David Headley's deposition for today ends.

12.50 pm: We gave three names for LeT's women suicide bomber to David Headley and Ishrat Jahan is the name he recognised: Ujjwal Nikam.

12.30 pm:I took 4 boat rides to check landing sites in Mumbai.

12.26 pm: Headley identifies Ilyas Kashmiri and says he was an al-qaeda man. Abdul Aziz a 26/11 plotter and also involved in the IISC attack identified.

Sajid Mir had an assistant called Abu Anas. He too was privy to the conspiracy.

12.25 pm: "The Lashkar-e-Tayiba has a naval wing and is headed by Mohammad Yakub. I met him in 2003. In the lead up to the 26/11 attack we discussed the various landing points for terrorists. The financial wing of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba is handled by a Lahore based businessman called Ashraf," Headley said.

12.15 pm: 26/11 attack made me extremely happy, says Headley.

 11.58 am: "At the control room in Karachi it was Sajid Mir and Abu Khafa who were in touch with the terrorists. A control room had been set up to guide the attackers and they were the main persons talking to the ten terrorists all the time," Headley said.

11.48 am: Muzzamil Bhat had planned attack on Akshardham temple in Gujarat to avenge Babri Masjid. Attacks were also planned in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Abu Khafa is second to Lakhvi. I had met Khafa in Lahore where Lakhvi and Saeed too were present.

11.04 am: The Lashkar-e-Tayiba's women's wing was headed by Abu Mazhar, Headley reveals.

10.48 am: On Ishrat, Headley first said that no suicide bomber of the Lashkar-e-Taiba was involved. But he went on to state later that Ishrat was involved in an operation involving a shoot out on police at a naka.

Muzzamil Bhat was in charge of our group before Sajid Mir took over. It was Abu Dujata who introduced me to Muzzamil Bhat, he added.

10.38 am: Headley says Ishrat Jahan was a Lashkar-e-Taiba operative. Ishrat involved in operation to shoot police at some naka. "The operation was about a shoot out at police at some check naka. One woman of the Lashkar-e-Taiba Ishrat Jahan was involved."

10.30 am: David Headley names Ishrat Jahan before Mumbai court.

10.27 am: "My passport was the document that I used to activate the mobile numbers. I had three mobile numbers.

It was Lt Colonel Hamza who told me to report to Major Iqbal. After my meeting with Major Iqbal, he appointed a non commissioned officer to train me in surveillance and reconnaissance," Headley said.

10.14 am: "You can find my signatures at the entry book of Reliance Webworld in Mumbai. I had visited this place on September 12 and 18 and also on October 30th 2007 to access the internet.

I was sending mails to Tawahhur Rana, Sajid and Major Iqbal in Pakistan. I would also check for my mails from them here," Headley revealed. 

9.54 am: "Tawwahur Rana was more than eager to help me. He was never reluctant," Headley said.

9.33 am: It was Rana who set up the cover for me in Mumbai. I was in touch with him all the time. Rana was a doctor in the Pakistan army but later moved out, Headley said. "I tried opening a business in Mumbai. An application for the same was given with a signature of Raymond Sanders. However the RBI refused permission to open a business account."

9.22 am: "Rana was opposed to the idea of shutting down the Tardeo office. Major Iqbal and I felt we should shut it down. This was discussed on January 2009 two months after the attack. The office in Tardeo was an immigration office for public consumption. It was just a cover," Headley has said.

9.05 am: "The agreement for my office was signed with one Bora on November 1 2006. On July 16th 2008 (four months prior to the attack), I sought extension of the licence for my office in Tardeo Mumbai. The same was granted," Headley said.

8.50 am: My office was at the Tardeo AC market area of Mumbai. I was given counterfiet Indian currency by Major Iqbal. I was also given Rs 18,000 by Major Abdul Rehman Pasha, says Headley.

8.43 am: " I was also given 40,000 Pakistan rupees by my handler Sajid Mir," Headley tells court.

8.40 am: "Rana had visited Mumbai prior to the attack. It was I who told him to go back as he could be in danger. The money was received by me at the IndusInd bank of the Nariman Branch," Headley said.

8.33 am: I had opened an account in a bank at the Tardeo AC market area in Mumbai on September 14 2006. On October 11 2006, I received an amount of Rs 66,505 from Tawahhur Rana. On November 7th 2006, Rana gave me 500 US dollars. On 4th Decmeber Rana gave me 1,000 dollars and on November 30 I was given Rs 17,636," Headley told the prosecution.

8.24 am: Major Iqbal of the ISI paid me 25,000 US dollars before I visited Mumbai. This was the money meant to be used to carry out the reconnaisance, Headley tells court.

7:15 am: David Headley has begun his deposition

7:00 am: David Headley's deposition to continue. Special Prosecutor has arrived at the Mumbai court. Yesterday proceedings had to be adjourned due to a technical snag.

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