Dalit writer Devanuru Mahadeva responds to critics, says Chaturvarna deleted Geeta is Buddha Geeta

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Bengaluru, Dec 25: After Professor K S Bhagwan encountered derogatory onslaught over social media, now a Dalit erudite from Karnataka Devanuru Mahadeva ended up with similar condition.

This time it is not from any right wing hooligans, but from a man allegedly belonging to a Dalit community.

Devanuru Mahadeva

A few days to his statements on Bhagvad Geeta, a person named Harish Holeyar took to Facebook to hurl pejorative comment at the writer who is considered as one of the best Dalit writers in the county.

It could be recalled that Mahadeva in his speech in an event, Jana Nudi (19/12/2015) at Mangaluru, Dakshina Kannada district, said, "Geeta has tumour since its inception and it has to be terminated by the surgery".

He also spoke about retaining the script after operating the tumour. The programme was organised by progressive chunk working in diverse walks of life. 

He was apparently referring to caste system thriving in India as Geeta lays down the formula of Chaturvarna (four major categories in human beings).

Following this, a Facebook discussion was rife debating many dimensions of the statement. A few flaked Mahadeva's statements claiming Geeta has sowed the seeds of discrimination as it lays down the formula of Chatrurvarna and it has to be junked wholly.

However amid heated discussion, a comment from Harish Holeyar laced with inhumane and insulting texture said, "no one should feel bad, Devanuru Mahadeva is not the son got birth to his formal father but to someone else. This is the reason why he is misguiding us and he has to be killed. I support the killing. This is why people of our community are not able to come up in this society."

Buddha Geeta

When contacted Devanuru Mahadeva to seek reaction on unhealthy development he responded supporting his argument, "What I meant was to remove the tumour that is hierarchy of caste scripted in the Geeta and retain the book".

Though he refused to talk much on the telephone, he opined if the tumour is removed then what remains is elements of Buddhism. Geeta has borrowed ideas from Buddhism, and operation will turn Bhagvad Geeta to Buddha Geeta, he said.

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