Cyclone Vardah: What you need to do to stay safe

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With cyclone Vardah making landfall near the Chennai coast and with wind speeds in the region expected to exceed 100 kmph, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has advised people residing near coastal Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh to remain indoors till the conditions abate.

The NDMA has said that the landfall would get over in around two hours but the conditions are likely to remain rough even after that.

Vardah Map

Heavy rain, strong winds and rising sea levels are likely to wreak havoc and disrupt normal lives in the affected areas.

The following measures should be taken to minimise the damage due to adverse conditions:

* Do not venture outdoors and pay close attention alerts issued on TV and radio stations.

* Fasten all doors and windows with strong support so that they do not give in to gusty wind.

* Keep adequate amounts of food, drinking water and other essential supplies stocked as the rough weather may last for days.

* Take shelter in a strong concrete building avoid structures with makeshift roofs.

* Look for heavy objects perched on the edge or loose bricks and lumber and keep them fastened to the floor.

* Stay away from walls close to trees that can get uprooted during the storm.

* Keep mobile phones charged and spare batteries ready as power supply may be cut off.

* Stay away from electricity poles or power lines.

* Plaster the glass windows or panes with cellophane tape or stickers as they may shatter causing injuries.

* Do not hesitate to vacate homes and take shelter in assigned safe houses.

* Follow the instructions given by the government authorities

The NDMA has set up helplines to be contacted if you are in danger.

The emergency numbers in Tamil Nadu are: 044-25619206, 044-25619511, 044-25384965 ,044-25383694, 044-25367823, 044-25387570

Numbers for the Chennai corporation are as follows: 09445477207, 09445477203, 09445477206, 09445477201 and 09445477205

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