Cyclone Vardah, rains in Bengaluru and Varthur lake is foaming again

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The Varthur lake at Bengaluru is frothing once again. On Friday residents woke up on Friday to witness the lake frothing which had risen 7 feet. The latest case of frothing was thanks to the rains the city witnessed due to Cyclone Vardah.

Toxic foams spilt on to the roads, bridges and drains making it difficult for motorists even to pass through the Varthur lake. Irate members of Citizens Action Group Whitefield Rising took to the social media and put up pictures and videos explaining the scenario at Varthur lake.

Varthur lake is foaming again

The foaming of the lake had drawn media attention forcing the political class to initiate action to clean up the lake. However very little seems to have changed on the ground say the citizens.

Apart from setting up temporary grills and sheets to with hold the toxic foam from spilling on to the streets very little has been done on the cleaning up front. Residents claim that nothing has been done to stop effluents from flowing into the lake polluting it further. No desiltation process has been taken up and civic authorities continue to squabble over whose responsibility it is to clean up and maintain the lake.

Varthur lake is foaming again

Each time it rains in the city people of Varthur and the neighbouring areas are forced to be scared of foaming and not flooding .

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