Cyanide seized in Tamil Nadu: What really is happening?

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Chennai, July 21: The Tamil Nadu police have launched a major investigation after they had found Sri Lankan Tamil refugees with cyanides and satellite phones. The two persons were carrying with them 300 grams of cyanide, satellite phones and other GPS equipment.

An officer with the Tamil Nadu police informed OneIndia that it is too early to jump to any sort of conclusions, but also added that it was clear that these persons had come into the state on some mission. The police had found that five persons in a car travelling to Uchipulli were carrying cyanide and other equipment.

Cyanide seized in TN

The trouble with Sri Lankan Tamil refugees

Investigations in the past had revealed that several Sri Lankan Tamil refugees were attempting to set up a module in Tamil Nadu. There have been intelligence reports which suggest that some members of the LTTE who had survived would attempt to revive the moment.

However the strongest case that was made out was with regard to Arun Selvarajan, an ISI mole from Sri Lanka who had attempted to carry out a series of attacks in South India.

These persons who were reporting to the consular officer of Pakistan in Sri Lanka had drawn up a devious plan to carry out a series of attacks in Chennai and other parts of South India.

What was this team planning?

Although the investigation is at a very preliminary stage, the presence of cyanide is what is disturbing. The LTTE used to ensure that all its cadres carried cyanide in small containers and had instructed them to swallow it in case they were caught. Cyanide causes a near instant death.

There are various angles that are under probe. There were five persons in all out of which two were Sri Lankan Tamil refugees. The other three persons were locals who were helping these refugees, investigations have also found.

It is clear that they were attempting to pass on the cyanide to some persons in Tamil Nadu and this has raised several doubts.

It could be an attempt to revive a movement or also may be part of the module set up by the ISI which was already operating in Tamil Nadu. What the police have found is that these persons were only supplying the material to some persons and were not part of the hit squad.

The seizure of 300 grams of cyanide and 75 containers to hold it is alarming. The police say that the material found on them would easily cater to several members who are part of this module.

Intelligence on LTTE

After the fall of the LTTE in Sri Lanka, there has been a lull in operations. There have been intelligence reports suggesting that smaller groups of the left over cadres may be attempting to revive the movement in a big way.

However many of the cadres had either gone quiet while some decided to join the ISI led module in Colombo. There could be a small part of them who would be seeking to extract revenge and hence could be planning a major offensive, sources in the Intelligence Bureau also informed.

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