Crime against women: This 'Bitiya' awaits justice with dignity; fights back her tormentors

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Lucknow, Oct 20: Bitiya, a teenage girl and an excellent student is said to be a rapist's nightmare.

Bitiya's heart-wrenching tragic tale was given international media coverage by Nicholas Kristof, a Columnist at The New York Times, on Oct 17, titled, "A Rapist's Nightmare". He uncovers the story of a 15-year-old girl, who is a dalit and acts as an inspiration to fight back against the perpetrators of women's dignity.


Know Bitiya's horror story:

In 2012, when Bitiya (as she likes to be called) was 12-year-old, she was stripped and raped by four men belonging to upper-caste, in a field. The accused men made the video of the dastardly act and threatened her of dire consequences if she disclosed the incident to anyone. They also warned her to kill her brother.

Horrified by their threats, Bitiya did not reveal the incident to anyone, keeping in mind the social taboos and her family's honour and safety.

Few weeks later after the incident, Bitiya's father was shocked to find a 15-year-old boy watching a pornographic video, featuring his daughter! The monsters, who raped Bitiya, had sold the video to make quick money.

After getting to know the truth, her father filed a police complaint.

When the neighbours got to know about Bitiya's ordeal, some elderly people suggested that she should be barred from going to school, while putting the blame on her.

But with public outcry, the local public school was forced to take back Bitiya.

Eventually, the four men, who sexually assaulted Bitiya were arrested, but were later released.

As the trial procedure continued, Bitiya's father passed away due to cardiac arrest, during one of the court hearing.

The poor family struggles to even afford food, as her 16-year-old brother is frightened to go outside in search of a job, following the threat by accused men.

The accused even tried to settle down the case outside court by offering her money, that she flatly refused to accept.

In Bitiya's quest for justice, she is joined by her grandfather, who also wants that the accused should be behind bars.

After knowing about Bitiya's story, American Jewish World Service (AJWS) has come forward to support her and ask for donations to the Global Gender-Based Violence Fund.

People have been asking how to help Bitiya, the star of my Sunday column, in her battle to prosecute her rapists. The...

Posted by Nicholas Kristof on Monday, October 19, 2015

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