Cricket as a way of life in India

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India is diverse, with different religions and sects. However, cricket is the only force that binds the country in its truest sense during this period. One gets to see the country in the full circle of madness, craziness, support, tears, joy, patriotism.

Cricket is not just a game, but a religion. At the start of the match, people are glued in to their TVs and watch a game right from the opening ceremony and pitch report till the presentation ceremony is over at the end.

Cricket as a way of life in India

On match day, hopes and expectations of billions of people lie on the shoulders of 11 players of the team. Although hockey is the national game of India, cricket has overshadowed every other sport. ‘Bleed Blue' is the chant that one hears everywhere during cricket.

Here are some reasons that cricket is considered as the religion in India

#1. Tendulkar is God

Whatever said and done, Sachin Tendulkar is God for the cricket crazy in India. He is idolized by every child who wants to be a cricketer when he grows up.

#2. Celebration time

Indians need a reason to celebrate and what better way than cricket? Each single time India has won the World Cup or a match against Pakistan, there has been a sea of people in blue holding tricolor flags, chanting slogans of Bleeding Blue.

#3. Unites people across religions

When it comes to cricket, religion takes a backseat in cricket-crazy India. Everybody seems to be speaking just one language and follow just one religion - Cricket! It brings everyone together.

Cricket as a way of life in India

#4. Holiday!

People don't feel guilty to skip or take leave from work on an important match day. Some offices declare a National Holiday. Such is the love for cricket all around!

#5. India Vs. Pakistan!

There's no better feeling for an Indian cricket fan than celebrating a victory against their all-time favorite rivals Pakistan! This is THE most awaited match among all the other matches, and is as good as war.

#6. Everyone seems to know the rules!

No offside, no double fault and no albatross. Everyone knows a sixer, full toss and leg side!

#7. Suits everyone's needs

Whether it is a Test, One Day or Twenty20 contest in India or any part of the globe, fans just want to stay updated with the scores, news and latest happenings in their heroes' lives.

Cricket as a way of life in India

But what do those people do who cannot stay glued to their TV channels for live updates of each ball? What do you do when you have to attend work or go for that urgent meeting?

The good news is that there are many apps that keeps us updated on the live updates. However, one such app, UC Cricket is a blessing in such situations where it not only provides live updates but many more interesting facts about the game that our viewers had no clue about!

UC Cricket, an in-App feature of UC Browser, takes care of all cricket needs and is the so called cricket bible for all the fans out there. Be it live scores, match previews, commentary, interviews, statistics, photos, videos and many more, you can find them all on UC Cricket.

Apart from all the cricket-related information available, the App comes with a series of useful features and services, including a real-time notification which runs in the background and keeps you updated with the latest scores.

Besides these fun features, cricket fans across the world can also interact with each other in the Comment Section of each game. The UC Cricket Application provides users with more interactive and intuitive cricket services. It enables enthusiasts to catch live scores, instant updates and even play guessing games, while on the move.

Also, through the exclusive "Cricket Guessing Game", users can pick the winner of each match and collect points to get a chance to win exciting prizes. There are various other contests for fans to participate and win amazing prizes.

Even Yuvraj Singh swears by it, who is an avid user of UC Cricket.

"UC Browser is growing very fast. It is very good browser. In Indian market, they understand us very well. I am happy to be a part of UC Browser," Yuvraj says.

Cricket as a way of life in India

"My work keeps me very busy. And you have a phone in your hand, you chat on it, see news on it. A faster browser is very important and which is why I like UC Browser.

"UC Browser is young, fresh, has youth appeal and it has cricket. What else do you need?

"When I am in a cricket field, I want to know what is happening in cricket. That is the reason I like UC Cricket. There are updates, photos, commentary and what I like the most is ball-by-ball updates," he added.

With India and South Africa battling it out in T20Is, ODIs and Tests, it is time to get all the information related to the series, on UC Cricket.

If you want to see the world of cricket from a whole different periscope, then try UC Cricket. You can download UC Cricket here and enjoy cricket like never before.

Cricket as a way of life in India

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